Tomodachi Life – social video clip game-simulator for Nintendo 3DS.

Tomodachi Life – Social computer game simulator established by Nintendo and released for Nintendo 3DS. Times have changed but our fondness for tomodachi life download games still remains strong, our site has all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions. The game outlines the day-to-day interaction of Mii characters. They make friends, resolve daily troubles as well as communicate with the player.


At the start of June 2013, Nintendo offered to its followers in America as well as Europe a video game that became a hit in Japan called Tomodachi Life.By the method, in the nation of the increasing sunlight, the job is called specifically Tomodachi Collection New Life.

And this is already the 2nd game of the series. The first component, regardless of its substantial appeal in Japan, was not launched in the West. Tomodachi Life efficiently reached our European market.

Allow’s discover together what this life simulator is and also whether we will certainly be able to penetrate such a preferred game in Japan.

Video game

In Tomodachi Life the player becomes the owner of his very own island in the middle of a substantial ocean.

Obviously, the paradise corner needs to be named and also resolved.

You will become the initial inhabitant of the island, or rather your Mii, called Lookalike. You will certainly require particular data: exactly how you will be contacted the video game, name and last name, age, date of birth, also your own unique voice.

Obviously, making your personality’s voice sound like the actual you is unlikely to work, this is just for fun.

Последним пункт перед заселением Mii will certainly become a character meaning. You will certainly need to choose exactly how energetic, straightforward, major as well as psychological your personality is. Depending on the circulation of characteristics, they will get one of the sixteen characters, they are really different here, from a hard worker as well as a daydreamer to a lazy person and a brilliant.

After getting to know your gamer, it will certainly be feasible to include surrounding apartment or condos, more like rooms, to all your pals, acquaintances, famous people, fictional characters. In other words, produce somewhat a perfect world, where just the most interesting people border you.

Mii are recognized as real individuals and also want to consume, dress perfectly, get gifts and take a trip

By fulfilling their desires as well as solving their issues, your citizens will get brand-new levels. With each brand-new degree obtained, you will certainly be able to present
to your cherished among the five points, any kind of item, song, space interior, expression and pocket money.

In game money exists. Yet there are not a problem with it, as your homeowners will certainly provide it in abundance for virtually any kind of activity you take – whether you offered new outfits, aided with suggestions, played a game, and so on.

In addition to this, charity gatherings will be held every day, where all the citizens of the island donate some quantity of their money to the advancement of the island. There are many means to spend your cash in the game: buy clothes, hats, food, insides and the like

People have their very own preference as well as personality, so don’t be amazed if they don’t such as something. As well as on the contrary, there are things that your resident will simply adore.

All homeowners are incredibly friendly, all intend to be familiar with each other better and also learn more about each other better. This video game is attractive because an imaginary globe can become a reality. Peter Lion can associate Jesus while playing 3DS, and also Hatsune Miku can work in the grocery store after going to Podryvnik from Group Fortress.

However, residents can also quarrel, shout at each other. Certainly you can help them, however in some cases the quarrel is so large that nothing will aid. Yet if your homeowners behave like pawns and also respect each other, one of them can love the other, get wed (you will certainly assist) and also …