The betting on esports will be simple in 2023 when there are all leading betting sites providing betting on video games that are competitive. What is the best way to bet on esports? is a question we’re asked frequently. This article will run you through the essential aspects of betting online. This will include information about Esports betting, bookmakers for esports and sportsbooks, understanding odds and financial and payment details. This beginner’s guide on betting on sports is for those who are new to betting online, and will give straightforward, clear guidelines on betting on online sports.

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Our team of have identified a massive lack of eSports guidebooks available on the World Wide Web which adequately describe the fundamentals of placing bets on eSports. We hope that fans of eSports will be able to place bets with real money on their preferred teams and players safely and safely. So if you’re a novice with online bets on Esports, or betting in general, take a look at our guide on how do you bet on esports? get a better understanding of Esports odds and markets prior to you start placing bets on your favourite teams and games in eSports.


Betting on eSports is really like betting on traditional sporting events.At site from Our Articles In eSports the most widely popular form of betting is match winners or matches, often referred to as an Moneyline wager (Pinnacle) head-to-head (BetEasy) Straight (William Hill) and many other terms depending on your preferred online betting site or social network. The idea behind it is quite simple that you bet on the team you believe will win the game when you have decided on the odds that provide the most value for your hard-earned cash.

Betting odds indicate the chance of a given outcome, that in our instance is the result of our favourite eSports team winning, and odds can be expressed differently dependent on the part of the world that you’re wagering. Because eSports are played for international audiences, there are various odds formats that are used by betting sites for expressing betting odds: decimal, American (also known as the moneyline) and fractional. Depending on the part of the world you are from and the site you sign up with you’ll have to study how they work prior to you begin betting. Because of its simplicity, the most frequently used format by online betting websites is decimal odds, which is what we will be using in our examples throughout this article.

Please note you must be over the age of 18 years old in order to sign up for online sportsbooks and place bets on eSports. Sorry for the children are not allowed to sign up, but this is the law everywhere.

Basic Match Wins Betting on Sports

Okay – so we’re starting with an easy match winner bet, we want to place a bet on Athletico against Team Immunity in a game of CS:GO, with the team Immunity winning. It is important to understand the three main factors that every punter needs to consider prior to placing a bet.

  • Format: The odds format the Internet bookmaker/sportsbook you’ve chosen utilizes is decimal, fractional or American.
  • Odds: The actual amount the bookmaker/sportsbook will pay out for winning bets, along with the stake required.
  • Bankroll Amount of money you want to bet with.

In our scenario it’s the following:

  • The hypothetical bookmaker we have chosen is based on decimal odds.
  • The odds for a hypothetical scenario have a odds of 1.60 for Athletico to win, compared with Team Immunity at 2.50.
  • The amount of real cash we’d like put on the line 100 stake (maximum you can set a maximum).

We choose to place an initial bet of $100 in Team Immunity to win.

The sportsbook calculates our expected returns from this bet on our betting ticket by multiplying the stake we placed of $100 by the odds they provide. For you to calculate the value for yourself, the formula is stake x odds = estimated return. In this case the formula is 100 x 2.50 = 250. In the event that Team Immunity wins, our winnings are $250. This is the amount we put in our initial $100 bet (also known as stake, as well as your total profit of $150.

For calculating our total possible profit, subtract one amount from the odds. The formula is shifted the stakes x (odds 1-1)) = actual profits. In this instance the formula is 100 x (2.50 – 1) equals $150.

The odds for betting offered by bookmakers represent their implied probabilities of winning a match over another. The lower the odds, the probability is higher the team will win in the bookmaker/sportbook’s view. The higher the odds, the team has a lower probability of winning in the bookmaker/sportbook’s view.

In this case it is possible to win more money on Team Immunity at $2.50 than should we have placed the same bet on Team Athletico at $1.60. If we followed the formula, it will be: 100 (stake) 1.60 (odds) 1.60 (odds) (odds) = 160 (expected return). Subtracting one from the given odds and multiplying it by our stake would grant us an actual return of $60 if our wager wins.

This bet with Team Athletico is arguably a better value option as they are deemed by the sportsbook to have an 62.5% chance of winning the match and, in essence, a better likelihood of winning the outcome the bet is placed on (match won). We receive lower returns however the bet is preferred by the betting site offering it.

Similar to every other race, sport or novelty, which people put bets of real money on various variables like your knowledge about the teams competing as well as their skills as well as quirks, individual strengths or weaknesses, and even the possibility of favouritism affect your final choice about which outcome will be the better bet. While other guides to esports or websites will advise you to always simply bet on the most value for money every time, we emphasize the importance of taking the time to research these factors prior to placing your bets.

For example, in our instance, we might have chosen to bet on Team Immunity due to a downward slide experienced by Team Athletico in several matches prior to the event we’re betting on. Perhaps, as fan of the loss of a crucial player due to internal conflict, and we’re hoping the odds could be stacked for us.

Before we explore those factors in more detail with links to our dedicated guides and databases of profile of players and teams for esports bettors to utilise, we want to examine the types of bets that are on sportsbooks online for our favorite esports games.


The most basic match-winner bet is generally the sole betting market to us on our top eSports game However, each game comes with distinctive types of bets specific to its type of play. For example, CS:GO’s fast and intense first-person shooter style permits exciting bets to be made on the side who is the winner of the first Pistol Round of any given game, while League of Legends’ real-time strategy game lets players bet on the team that kills the baron or dragon miniboss first. These bets do not depend on whether the team you’re betting against wins the whole game, but are contingent on an outcome completely.

Many sportsbooks are trying to catch up to offering more exotic and diverse wagering options however, there are a variety of types of these other bets you can place on eSports which are described below.