10 best tech movies that every programmer must watch

Every programmer wishes to look at their job from the point of view of movies. As we all know, Hollywood is well known in showing the art of programming as well as Artificial Intelligence in the right ways. So, without any need for further discussion, here are the top 10 films that any programmer needs to see.

1. The Pirates of Silicon Valley

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The Pirates of Silicon Valley was made in 1999. The movie tells about how Apple and Microsoft became so successful. It describes how Steve Jobs and Bill Gates created the concept of creating a personal computer that could be utilized by everyone. This film showcases the ideas and methods they employed to create their top-of-the-line of computers. The film is highly recommended to techies.

2. The Imitation Game

The movie came out in 2014 and showcases the development of the first computer ever invented developed by Alan Turing and his team. The movie reveals how at close of the film Alan And his team at the point of figuring out an approach to decode the German Enigma Code. This film could be invigorating for developers.

3. The Internship

This film is about two grown-ups Billy and Nick who lose their jobs and then take up Google’s rigorous internship program. They both are selected to join the internship program at Google company headquarters which is located and headquarters in Mountain View California. In this program, they must be able to compete against a group of young of students, who are techno-savants. This is an excellent film for people who believe that they’re too old or insufficient to take on the technical stuff.

4. The Social Network

This movie is based on an authentic story about Facebook as well as Mark Zuckerberg.Read about runpee.com At website The film is about the growth of Facebook and the obstacles Zuckerberg was faced with. Programmers will surely enjoy the film since it highlights the accomplishments of a committed programmers.

5. Tron

Tron was made in 1982. The film shows how a programmer gets sucked in the computer world. The film also reveals how the protagonist makes his way back into the normal world using his skills in programming.

6. Hackers

This movie got released back in 1995 when the internet was not popular. It follows a handful of high school students who used their programming skills to help corporations extortion. The film was ahead of its time and has become an excellent resource for computer programmers as well as security enthusiasts.

7. Antitrust

If you’re interested in learning about the dark side of the software industry, this article could be your solution. A fresher programmer gets employed by a massive software organization, but then finds that something isn’t quite right in the workplace. The programmer uses his knowledge of programming to figure out the issues. This movie was released in 2001 . It’s one of the most popular programming films ever made.

8. Jobs

This film is the autobiography of Steve Jobs, the legendary figure of computers, Steve Jobs. Indeed , it’s an inspirational film. The film not only showcases the technical skills in Jobs in his work, but also his vision for revolutionizing the world.

9. Ex Machina

The film was released in the year 2015. The film reveals many aspects of artificial intelligence and its applications on humans in order to help people live a better life. It depicts the struggles of programmers when creating software. It illustrates the detrimental effects of using it in the proper manner.

10. Her

This is a film about an individual named „Theodore” who is due to be separated from wife and is very lonely. He buys an operating system featuring AI which is engineered to grow and change like humans. This is an incredible film for those who are programming and have an fascination with Artificial Intelligence and its future.