Edubirdie Review 2022

The company is very popular with students, and can be quite useful when writing essays. My experience is that the quality is acceptable. I found a couple of weird sentences and a few misspelled commas, but overall it wasn’t all that bad. Prices at Edubirdie are high considering that they claim that they only hire native English readers. Additionally, you can select your preferred writer however, this feature appears to be a scam. Is Edubirdie scam? Find out now!

Service Review

What is EduBirdie? It’s promoted as the best essay writing service. It is a place where each student receives prompt and professional help from an expert expert in the area of. But is it really so that a business is trying to present the perfect image? Let’s talk about it. played a role in the scandal involving scholastic cheating in 2018.

Famous YouTubers like Adam Saleh with 4,8 million subscribers and British gamer JMX who has 2,4 million followers were under fire because the BBC stated that they were paid to promote writing services provided through the Ukrainian company. These were not the only YouTubers affected by the scandal The 12-year-old YouTube star with more than 200 000 followers was also advertising the services, and it led to public link edu birdie website

More than 1400 videos supporting the business were discovered by the thorough investigation. YouTubers received hundreds of dollars on their videos that discussed the assistance from outside for students who were stuck in completing difficult tasks. In reality, did the service have the money to build their profile?

Sure, the business had to justify what had happened. This is why „Boosta”, a parent company of Edubirdie stated that they gave complete freedom to stars on how they could present their writing services to the general public. But as we see, the decision triggered unexpected repercussions!

Is EduBirdie cheating? I’ve concluded that this academic supporter has no intention of playing straight in order to become popular among clients. Therefore, I’m having questions regarding whether you are able to completely depend on it. After I looked deeper and Googled some of their experts, I came across another mismatch. They’re using fake photographs of writers. Their prof Chris isn’t really a specialist in Linguistics and is instead a Medical Doctor.

It’s easy to check what I’ve laid on the web!

It is also possible to search the names of some expert opinions if you need to know the facts. You could tell the truth that using fake photographs can be a serious crime, and that the quality of assignments speaks volumes, but the truth is that people should be confident in the companies they pay. It’s not simple, but restoring the trust of your customers will require a longer time.

Do you see a sense to doing it? Probably, no! Is EduBirdie scam? I’m hopeful that the business will not hide their real experts to the public in the near future because many students trust them and count on quick assistance with writing assignments in the wake of the many EduBirdie reviews available online.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent range of products and services
  • Platform for students that is student-friendly
  • Good writing skills


  • The cost of the services is prohibitive.
  • Slow response time to support
  • Not suitable for challenging assignments

Online reputation

Is EduBirdie good? Let’s see what others think on this academic assister. Although the service has tried to establish a perfect image employing Youtubers, it is impossible to buy off regular college students. Here’s what I’ve read of the EduBirdie Reddit review.

There are not so many users on Reddit and some other trustworthy rating platforms. I’m sure the system isn’t as effective as it could be since I’ve read an assortment of both positive and infuriating reviews. The customer should be aware of about the facts before deciding you want to make an order via their site or to find another source.


Is EduBirdie legit? It appears to be. There’s an extensive privacy Policy section as and the Terms of Use. Prepare yourself to spend nearly an hour trying to get acquainted with all the nuances of the website’s functioning.

They claim they’ll pay back the amount of money, but you cannot find any particulars. By visiting their Money Back Guarantee page, you’ll find phrases of Nicole Harris, their QA Team Supervisor, but not specific details. The only thing you will find is vague language and that’s all!

When it comes to whether the work is original to the assignments, they will verify everything two times. My project was unique, however, in reading reviews, I’ve learned that the company isn’t always operating in the right way. Thus, it appears to me that EduBirdie is genuine, but I’m unable guarantee it’s to be one of the best trustworthy and reliable academic helpers.

Types of Services

Is EduBirdie legal? It seems so. The website offers a wide selection of services that meet all academic needs, including:

  • Writing

    • Essays
    • Case studies
    • Admission essays
    • Research and term papers
    • Theses, etc.
  • Editing
  • Presentations
  • Spreadsheets
  • Calculations
  • Other services for writing

The Process of Ordering

Does EduBirdie work? I’ve obtained a research paper from their writers, so I’m convinced that it’s a real company. For the order to be completed the customer must follow the steps in four ways.

  1. You must provide details about your paper (paper type due date, paper type, number of pages, the style, etc. ).
  2. Select your preferred writer from bidders (you can speak to them to get their attention).
  3. Make sure you check the order (add other things, such as an outline or draft of a page).
  4. You can add money to your balance (the funds are released when you agree to the terms of the loan).

Once your payment has been approved You are free to sit back and wait for time to complete your order! The entire process took around 5 minutes. Not bad, right? I value every minute of it so I’m not able for wasting time in the process of ordering. If you’re more vigilant than I was when picking the writer, you’ll need to spend more time during the order process. It’s all your money and choice.

Costs and Charges

How much do EduBirdie services cost? The cost depends on the project you’re looking for or need to finish, as well as the timeframe and the individual you choose. I was charged approximately $20 per page. I’m not able to tell you more about their rates because I don’t know what it takes to get there. The best I can do is to share details of the extra costs to help you avoid being in the middle.